Anderson Lights of Hope - Board of Directors

Ben Phillips - Executive Director

Dennis Lavold - Operations Director

West Small Business / Community First Bank - Financial Operations

Trinity Burnett - Office Director

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Anderson Christmas Lights - Operational Board

Marketing Director: Jennifer Merritt

     Grants Writer:

     Sponsorship Coordinator:

     Event Coordinator:

Maintainance Director: Charles Hicks 

     Grounds Crew: 

     Stage Crew:

Security: Mike Medlin

     Back Gate:

     Front Gate:


Volunteer Coordinator: 

Vendor / Concessions Coordinator: Ron Harrington, Stefanie Medlin, Sugar Mama Bakery. Alice

Entertainment Coordinator: White Knight Entertainment / L.C. Branch

Scouting Program (Boy, Cubs): Charlene Mullkin, (Girls) TBA

Mission Statement: (Long Version)


Anderson Lights of Hope, LLC is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The specific purpose of Anderson Lights of Hope shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

- To recruit volunteer advocates, educating the younger generations as to the importance of supporting our communities and to support the disabled;

- To assist disadvantaged individuals, providing them with housing, proper nourishment, clothing and information to the public services and programs;

- To provide training, and education for individuals to further their career and positively influence the community;

- To assist and work with Veteran’s to make repairs, remodeling, handicap ramps that will assist them in having a better quality of life;

- To provide the Scouting troop a safe, educational, training, and program facility for all in the scouting program.

- To, at times, provide internships or volunteer opportunities, which shall provide opportunities for education for a greater impact for change    

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